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You want the best possible CCTV system for your home or business premises, and you want great value for your money. The problem is – everyone tells you that they have the best systems and many will claim the lowest prices… But you’re the technical details are a little complicated and maybe even a little bit confusing?

How do you choose? Where do you start when looking for CCTV Dublin?
We’re kinda biased- so I’ll suggest that you start by having a free, no obligation chat with us, so you can get a good idea of what’s possible.
Rather than jump into telling you all about CCTV installation in Dublin – I’m going to ask you what you’d like from your new CCTV system? Is it for home security? Is it for a business? If a business, are your concerns around customer and staff safety, or are you more worried about theft and vandalism?

Your requirements in terms of security camera style and capability will vary greatly dependant on the use and your objectives. Do you want something that is highly visible, or very low-profile? You may need to be able to focus in on a doorway – and have facial recognition, or do you need to cover a wide area?

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CCTV Dublin

We know how you feel.

So, we’re created our website to help you make the best decision on your home  CCTV System installation decision.

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Are you worried about your home security? With the dark evenings, home burglaries are on the increase. Burglars are more brazen about breaking into a home with an alarm – because no-one will approach a house when the alarm rings. Even if you have a monitored alarm – there’s no guarantee that you’ll get a police response. Garda resources are already stretched. Home alarm systems ringing is not on their priority list. Your alarm could go off for hours without anyone passing remarks.

A CCTV system is an added security deterrent against intruders and burglary. We’re not suggesting that you should have CCTV Dublin installed in place of an intruder alarm, but that a video surveillance system should be an additional line of defence.

The presence of security cameras on the outside of your home will provide you with a visual deterrent to burglars and intruders. They don’t walk up to random homes and decide to break in. As much as we all would like to believe that a burglar is stupid and lazy – they probably have your home selected in advance. They’ll probably have your routines (when you leave and when you return) worked out by watching you for a few days before they’ll approach your home.

Even when they approach the home for the first time – they’ll often come to the front door first – to pretend to look for an address or have a made-up reason for their approaching your front door as a cover story. The burglar will often ring the doorbell – to check if there’s anyone in the house before they’ll attempt to gain entry.

For this reason – it’s a good idea to have a camera close tot he front door – to record everyone who approached the door.

It would be an excellent idea – that every time someone approaches the front door – that your CCTV system automatically records every second of their presence. An even better idea that your camera system will send you a short snap shot of that video – automatically to your phone or email. It would send you a few pictures of the person who is at your front door – even while you’re at home, or away doing the school run or while you’re at work….

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CCTV Dublin Installations for Home or Business

Would you prefer to know about a stranger calling to your door while you’re out? God forbid, but if there was a break-in or even an attempted break-in, wouldn’t it be great if you had the images of the culprits and to be able to pass them to the police?

CCTV installer DublinJust having a CCTV Dublin system installed makes you much less likely to be a victim of a burglary. Many of your neighbours won’t have a camera system installed – some don’t even have a working intruder alarm system. The home that has a video surveillance system installed is a much more difficult target for the burglars. It makes them feel that there is a high risk of getting caught in the act and they’ll probably choose an easier target.

Licienced CCTV Dublin Installer

We’re Fortknox Communications. We’re licenced in Ireland for the installation of CCTV systems in Ireland. Our Licence number is 7611 and we’re licenced by the Private Security Authority.

How does a home CCTV system work?

There are two main components of a home video surveillance system. One part is the camera (or cameras) – which collect the images. These are basically the eyes of the system.The other part is the recorder. This records all the images that the camera sees – to allow it to be viewed at a later date.

Cameras come in various shapes and sizes. More importantly, though, cameras come in many different qualities. the better the quality of the camera, the sharper the image it will record. It goes without saying, but the better the quality of cctv camera, the more expensive it will be.

You shoud be aware that someone could demonstrate a camera to you in day light, and you would be forgiven for believing that it’s a really good quality camera. however – the real test of the quality of a cctv camera comes when darkness falls. Most burglaries occur under the cover of darkness – in the evening or at night. With that in mind, it’s critical that the camera that you choose, should be able to provide you with a really sharp, clear image when there are low light conditions. CCTV Dublin will help protect you.

Many good quality cameras have infra-red lighting built in. But, there is a huge variation in the quality and intensity of this infra red lighting – and in the quality of the low light image sensors in many cameras. Infra-red light is not visible to the human eye, but it is picked up on special sensors in most security cameras.

You should also know that at night time, cameras automatically switch over from colour, to black and white imaging. Colour camera sensors are not able to pick up the infrared light from the camera. A black and white sensor is, and it sees the image in the form of the infrared light that is reflected back of an object – such as a face…

Where the cctv recorder is concerned – most systems are digital. They record the images as digital data wither on a hard drive (like a computer) or on solid state memory (similar to a USB memory key – but much larger). Solid state memory is more expensive, but it has many advantages over a hard drive. One of those advantages is reliability. It’s also silent. There is almost no noise from a hard drive, but at times there is a low level whirr – as the drive spins – similar to what you’ll hear from a pc. It’s barely noticeable, but it’s there. Another advantage is that there is vo heat generated by a solid state drive as there are no moving parts.

The cctv recorder is often known as a digital video recorder or DVR for short. the more cameras that you have attached to it, the more memory you will need to have.

You will probably want to have a minimum of 4 weeks worth of footage recorded at all times. But if you are installing a CCTV Dublin system for your business – you may want to consider having a minimum of three months worth of video footage recorded and available for playback.


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