How to get CCTV in Dublin

How to get CCTV in Dublin

Have you been thinking about getting CCTV in Dublin for your home or business?
If yes, then here are a few things to consider.

CCTV for home in Dublin

Is your cctv system for use in your home?
If it is then you will not want to see cables running along skirting boards or around door frames. I wouldn’t. That may have been acceptable practice 20 years ago when there were lots of cowboy alarm installers running cables all over your home to make life easier for themselves.

With CCTV in Dublin – installation can and should be very tidy. There is no need to have cables visible – as very often the cameras are installed on the roof soffit and cables can be hidden in attic spaces.

You may be tempted to opt for wireless cameras. Even wireless cameras require at least a power cable to be routed to them (unless they are battery powered – in which case – you’ll be forever replacing batteries!).

CCTV camera installation in Dublin

Most CCTV cameras for home are the smaller, less obvious eyeball type camera. The eyeball security camera is more popular because of its small size (less than 3″ – 75mm in diameter). They are generally white or grey in colour – so they blend in with the PVC soffit or a dashed wall. They can be painted to a colour if required. You may have seen them before in your research – the little dome type security cameras.

CCTV in Dublin

The advantage of this type of security equipment is that it is locked in position when installed – so there is no opportunity to tamper with it or change it’s position (the older style of mounted camera /can be pushed upward).

The other types of camera available for home cctv installation are the mounted type (where the camera is mounted on a little stalk or swivel), a housed type – which are quite large and very old-style (little used around a home for this reason) and a PTZ camera.

PTZ security cameras can Pan, Tilt and Zoom – it’s where they get the PTZ name!

It’s not often that a PTZ type will be used around a home as they are quite expensive. The advantage or the reason for using a PTZ camera would be that it can cover a large area because it is able to rotate and scan over a pre-programmed path. Essentially if it were installed on the corner of a building it could scan through 270 degrees of view.

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