CCTV Installation Dublin

CCTV Installation Dublin

Are you considering CCTV Installation Dublin – then it will be worth having a chat with us at Fortknox Comunications. We’re the camera security guys that you can trust to keep you right. And you can count on us to provide you with excellent, reliable and friendly service – all at a price you’ll love.

CCTV Installation Dublin
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CCTV installation Dublin

What do you need to know about CCTV Installation Dublin?

Here are some helpful tips and ideas to consider…

If you’re considering a CCTV system to help you look after what matters most to you – whether that’s your home or your business – you want to be safe in the knowledge you’ve chosen a setup that best meets your needs.

We’ve created these guides to help you understand the differences between the various CCTV systems, cameras, recorders and setups, and work out which is best for you.

We thing that you’ll want to protect your home, loved ones and valuables with an outdoor CCTV system. Cameras capture footage whenever movement is detected, so if there is any unwanted activity around your home, you will have a recording as evidence ready to make full use of. Outdoor CCTV is a great way to improve your overall home security.

The benefits of outdoor CCTV Installation Dublin

CCTV is a great way of deterring criminals, and this is especially true of CCTV used outside homes. Only around 1 in 20 homes have a CCTV system of some kind, so many home owners make use of CCTV simply for its’ deterrent effect, while a home CCTV kit in comparison can only be used to protect a person’s family and property.

Outdoor CCTV can help identify suspicious behaviour, such as individuals trespassing on your land or inspecting your property, helping you to pre-empt criminal action. Home CCTV can additionally be used to identify where a family member or visitor is – to find or to identify when someone has arrived at a gate or front door.

Where to install outdoor CCTV cameras

Front and rear doors, windows

These are the most common access points into the home. An outdoor camera with a wide lens allows you to cover the full length of your exterior walls – capturing footage around windows and doors that are otherwise unprotected.

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Driveways are a security priority for two reasons: firstly, as a main approach to the home, and secondly as a parking spot for cars and vans. Cars on driveways are a common target for theft – even as a getaway car after a burglary, as it’s often quite easy to locate car keys after gaining access to the home.

A camera trained on a domestic driveway should use as wide-angle of a lens as necessary to get the entirety of the driveway in shot – however, this should be balanced with the need for detail.


If you spend considerable time and money on your garden, you’ll agree that it is a high value target. You might keep valuable garden tools in your shed, or else have a summer house or another exterior building that could be a target for thieves. Install garden CCTV to keep it safe.

CCTV Installation Dublin is not as expensive as it once was. Plus it’s a lot easier to use – both at home and when you are away – than it once was.
Your home video security system can be monitored or viewed on your phone, laptop or tablet – whether you’r at home on your sofa, or away on your holidays.

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Here are some things to avoid when getting CCTV installation Dublin

CCTV systems should be operated in a responsible way to respect the privacy of others. It is important to ensure that you are not accidentally filming anything outside your own property. If your cameras are picking up footage from outside your property, for example of your neighbour’s garden or a public footpath, this is considered an invasion of privacy.

Being transparent about your CCTV plans with your neighbours is advised. Inform them of where you plan to place your cameras and consider letting them see evidence of what your cameras are recording.

Talking to your neighbours isn’t just polite – some neighbours find they have mutual security concerns, and decide to split the cost of a CCTV setup that covers both of their properties.

And here are some ideas to consider…

Indoor CCTV

Most people will choose to have CCTV installed solely on the exterior of their homes. But some people install security cameras indoors too. Interior CCTV cameras make an effective addition to your home security system.

Benefits of indoor CCTV installation Dublin

There are several benefits to indoor CCTV installation Dublin. If burglars gain access to your home, indoor CCTV will catch them in the act, providing solid evidence to make your case. Indoor CCTV can also be helpful for families looking after elderly relatives, to keep an eye on them and ensure that they are being well cared for.

These can also act as a deterrent to opportunists who may be tempted by valuables. Cleaners, decorators, carers and other people working in your home will be less inclined to steal in the presence of indoor CCTV cameras – and if they do there’ll be plenty of footage to prove it.

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