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Have some of your cameras stopped working? Do you need a reliable CCTV repair service to take care of your video security system?

As much as none of us like to spend more money that we have to – your CCTV system will require maintenance and care. and from time to time, you may also need a CCTV repair service.

CCTV Repair ServiceWe can help. If you’re serious about maintaining the quality of the video images that you’re recording, you will want to have at least one maintenance call per year. Depending on where your premises is located, you may require several preventive maintenance calls per year – even just to keep the lenses on your cameras clean and clear.

CCTV Camera Repair and Maintenance

CCTV Repair Service DublinOften, the only maintenance that is required is to have the lenses of the cameras cleaned and polished. After all, the camera is looking out through a glass lense – and if this glass gets dirty or dusty, it will not see clearly.

Just as you wouldn’t be able to see clearly through a dirty or fogged up glass window – neither can your cameras. It really does pay to have the cameras cleaned and checked at least once per tear.

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Security Camera repair and maintenance

One of the biggest problems with CCTV cameras is spider webs. Because many cameras shine an infra red light at night, spiders become attracted to the cameras and will build their web in front of the camera lense.

Very often the fine web is not visible in the day time, but at night, the infra red light is reflected back off the web – and it is impossible to see any image past the reflected light.

You may choose to clear away the spider webs yourself – or have an employee do it regularly. However, we would advise that the cleaning and adjustment of any cameras be left to the CCTV installation technician. the last thing you would want to do would be to accidentally mark the camera lense. The glass is easily marked – and damage is permanent and not repairable.

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