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It’s almost a necessity to have a CCTV system installed at your business premises.  We often think that the threats to our business will come from strangers – in the form of burglaries and theft. However, the larger problem comes from within the business. Tens of millions of euros worth of goods and services rea taken from our businesses each year without permission.

CCTV system for businessOne small meat processor client of ours had been loosing hundreds of euros worth of bacon products each week. For years they had just accepted it as being due to over delivery and paperwork errors. After installing a network of security cameras at their loading docks, they found that one long standing employee, had been helping himself to several boxes or product a few times each week. this added up to several thousand euros in a year – more than the cost of their CCTV system!


Security Camera systems for your business

CCTV system for business is similar in configuration to home CCTV systems. They consist of a number of cameras, the video recorder, and usually at least one monitor.

The number of cameras required will be determined by the areas that you want to cover and the angles that you wish to cover them from. For example, you may wish to cover loading dock areas from several angles and depending on the value of the goods moving – you may wish to be able to count or verify the type and quantity of goods being loaded or unloaded.

CCTV system for businessWide angle cameras will allow for a wide field of view. But these wide angle cameras are not helpful for identifying individual persons or goods passing through the field of view. A more highly focused camera lense would be required to identify people passing through a doorway – or to read the registration plate of a vehicle or the identification number on a carton or package. Highly focused cameras are very useful for detecting and recording details but will have a very narrow field of view.

Covert Video Security Systems for Business

Hidden CCTV system for business help to protect yourself against fraudulent insurance claims from employees and the public.

According to our sources within the insurance industry, fraudulent insurance claims in Ireland is a huge and ever growing problem.

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