CCTV system repairs in Santry

CCTV System Repairs and Maintenance

CCTV system repairs in Dublin. CCTV Systems get damaged, knocked and broken – so you need a partner who can respond quickly and efficiently to repair your system.

Fortknox Communications Provide Reliable CCTV System Repairs and Maintenance throughout Ireland, Ensuring Peace of Mind and a Dependable Repair Call Out Service Should Anything go Wrong – call 085-1945030 to find out more about CCTV  system repairs in Dublin

CCTV Maintenance Benefits – Here is a good guideline…

One routine site visit every six months for the purpose of inspecting and testing the CCTV system. (Please see below work carried out on a site visit)
24 Hour call out with site visit.
Access to 24 hour emergency number.
Equipment out of warranty would be replaced at less than the original invoiced price. (This would apply in cases where the item of equipment is beyond repair.)
A 20% reduction in the cost of any call out.

CCTV Maintenance Call Out

The recording equipment to be checked for performance in relation to storing video images, play back etc. CCTV  system repairs in Dublin
All camera connections to be checked, varifocal lenses to be adjusted if necessary, housings to be cleaned and realigned if necessary
Monitors to be checked for performance in relation to colour, contrast and connections to the digital video recorder.CCTV system repairs Service Dublin
Power leads, power supplies and electrical equipment relating to the CCTV system to be examined for defect.
Any concerns relayed by the customer to the service engineer to be addressed during the site visit.
A report would be made available to you – our customer – on the status of the CCTV system

Care and repair of your CCTV system

There is a limit to what you can do to care and maintain your own CCTV system repairs. The cameras are sealed units. If they develop a problem with the image sensor, there is no way of repairing the camera itself.

Having said that, it’s a very rare occasion that a camera will develop a fault within the first few years.

Problems with CCTV systems tend to be related to the power supplies. You will need professional help with CCTV system repairs in Dublin that relate to the repair or replacement of your power supplies.


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