Home CCTV installation Dublin

Are you looking for home CCTV installation Dublin? Find out here – what our competitors don’t want you to know!

There’s a huge difference in the quality of CCTV systems being sold. Many companies will sell toy a system that will show good quality images during the day – but often you can’t make out your own kids faces in the cameras at night!

Since most burglaries happen under the cover of darkness, if you are going to the expense of having a home cctv installation Dublin installed, please make sure that what you are buying, is up to the job that you are expecting it to do!

home cctv installation DublinNot all CCTV cameras are created equally. There are massive variations in camera and video recording quality. Make sure you know what you are getting and that you’re not being sold a lemon!

CCTV Installation

Most home CCTV installation Dublin have four cameras mounted on the outside of the home. At least 4 cameras. A larger property may require several more. It depends on the layout of your home and the areas that you want to have covered by the cameras.

home cctv installation Dublin

The security cameras are connected to the recorsder – known as the digital vider recorder (DVR) via cables. These cables can be either coax or cat5 . Today, we choose to cable our camera system with a CAT6 cable. It’s not a necessity, but it future proofs the cabling for any future upgrades that you may choose.

The cabling shoould be hidden from view as much as possible. We’ll often route the camera cables through the attic roof space to hide as much of the cable from view as possible.

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Home Security Cameras Dublin

You have enough to worry about, without worrying if the cameras that you have had installed will provide you with helpful images in the event of something happening. We take home cctv installation Dublin really seriously. We would rather not sell you a CCTV system than sell you something that does not meet your expectations.