Home CCTV system installed in Howth

Home CCTV system installed in Howth

Are you looking for a home CCTV system to add to your security? We recently installed a home CCTV system for a customer in Howth, in North Dublin.

home cctv system installation DublinThey wanted to improve the security of their home and a number of neighbours homes had been burgled recently. they already had a very good intruder alarm fitted and they felt that having CCTV fitted would be an additional deterrent against a break-in.

CCTV for home security

When someone asks us about getting CCTV installed, the first question that we ask is do you have an alarm fitted? If the answer is no, we will always advise that you should have an alarm fitted first. CCTV will help in putting thieves off, but an alarm is an audible defense in the event that there is an attempt to break in to your home.

An intruder or burglar alarm is always going to be the first line of defense. Next to that, I would prefer that you have anti-snap lock cylinders fitted. this will make it more difficult for someone to break in to your home.

I would always pefer that our customers have taken care of these two important measures first – before they spend any money on a home CCTV system.

What is a home CCTV system

A home CCTV system consists of the cameras, the video recorder and a method of viewing the recordings.

In the past, it was necessary to have a monitor fitted – so that you could view the recorded images. Today, everything is digital. Your home likely has wireless internet access. this makes it possible to view the recorded video images from the cctv system on a tablet, smart phone or computer – not just while at home, but from anywhere.

Ideally, your CCTV system should be set up to alert you when it picks up movement around your home while you are away. this could be done by sending you a multi media text message. Maybe by sending you a short video clip in an email attachment. This alerts you that there is someone at your home and gives you the opportunity to log into the system remotely and check if it is a valid visitor or an unwanted intruder.

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