Security Cameras for home in Swords, Dublin

How to choose security cameras

With so much information available, it’s hard to know which security cameras to choose for your cctv installation.

Luckily, you can call on expert help to decide on the most suitable CCTV equipment for your installation. Call Barry on 085-1945030 for a free survey and consultation.

Not all security cameras are created equally. Quality will vary dramatically. Certain types of CCTV camera are better suited to some applications than others.

We recently completed a CCTV installation for a customer in Swords, County Dublin. they told us that they had been looking at various cctv systems and cameras available and were not sure of which was the best and most reliable option. With that in mind, I wrote this post for you.

Heres a few things to consider when installing a CCTV system camera

  • Are the cameras to be installed inside or outdoors
  • Will the cameras be subject to directed lights – such as headlights
  • Will you want to be able to recognise faces
  • Will you need to be able to identify number plate registrations
  • Will the cameras be situated where they will be in reach from the ground

This is just a short list – really only the tip of the iceberg of things to consider when you are deciding on which security cameras are best suited to your needs

The best security cameras for home installations

Many of our competitors are still using bullet type cameras for their customers home security systems. But many of these cameras are mounted at a height where they can be easily reached and tampered with from the ground.

We’ve seen installations where burglars just turned the cameras upwards – so that they could continue their ‘work’ unhindered.

In our opinion it is better to use tamper proof dome CCTV cameras for these installations. This type of camera has the facility to lock it into position so that it’s not possible to turn or move the camera position without using a special tool to adjust home security cameras for cctv installation dublin

A lockable base means that a burglar can’t simply reach it and move the camera away.

As you can see from the picture, the camera is dome shaped, making it very difficult to grab hold of.


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