How to get CCTV in Dublin

How to get CCTV in Dublin

Have you been thinking about getting CCTV in Dublin for your home or business?
If yes, then here are a few things to consider.

Security cameras serve several purposes:

  • To be a visible deterrent to thieves and vandals
  • To capture images in the event of a crime occuring
  • To monitor visitors as they approach, or as they move through your business premises
  • To protect you against false insurance claims
  • To protect your staff, your business and your customers
  • And to allow you to monitor your home or business premises in your absence – which helps bring peace of mind.

Before you buy a CCTV system, you should get clear in your mind exactly what it is that you need to achieve. Why? Because your objectives will determine the choice of camera, the field of view and the positioning of each security camera in the installation.

Certain cameras are designed to be highly obvious. These types are intended to provide a visual deterrent to crime. these may be the large body type cameras that are mounted on the outside of commercial premises. With these cameras, you are intentionally advertising the fact that the premises are protected by a CCTV system – and warding off criminals.

In a retail environment, it is now common to install “eyeball” type cameras directly above cash tills / EPOS terminals. These are generally quite obvious, with the intention to advertise to staff and customers that they are being observed. With prevention being better than a cure, it’s preferable to keep staff honest, that to have to confront someone who has taken money from a till. It also helps to deter the opportunist ‘customer’ from passing counterfeit bank notes.

For a home installation, many CCTV installers continue to sell the bullet type cameras – probably because of their low price. However, caution is advised. There is lots of evidence to show they have a very poor record in terms of protecting the home against break-in and burglary.
The bullet type security camera are mounted on a swivel mount. This makes it easy for the installer to position the camera, but the swivel makes it very easy for an intruder to push the camera upward – away from the intruder!

A better choice of camera is the secure dome. This security camera is round in shape and with it’s integrated locking mechanism, makes it impossible to adjust the field of vision without the proper tools. The dome cameras also provide a low-profile solution to your home CCTV needs.

Do you need CCTV in Dublin for your home or business? You can contact Barry Smyth on 01-2091984 or click here to get to our contact page. We’ll be very happy to provide you with a free survey of your premises and of course a written quotation. We provide one of the most professional and friendly services for CCTV in Dublin and we would be happy to talk through your requirements.

CCTV in Dublin for your home or business

Is your CCTV system for use in your home?
If it is then you will not want to see cables running along skirting boards or around door frames. I wouldn’t. That may have been acceptable practice 20 years ago when there were lots of cowboy alarm installers running cables all over your home to make life easier for themselves.

With CCTV in Dublin – installation can and should be very tidy. There is no need to have cables visible – as very often the cameras are installed on the roof soffit and cables can be hidden in attic spaces.

You may be tempted to opt for wireless cameras. Even wireless cameras require at least a power cable to be routed to them (unless they are battery powered – in which case – you’ll be forever replacing batteries!).

Installing CCTV in Dublin?

Most CCTV cameras for home are the smaller, less obvious eyeball type camera. The eyeball security camera is more popular because of its small size (less than 3″ – 75mm in diameter). They are generally white or grey in colour – so they blend in with the PVC soffit or a dashed wall. They can be painted to a colour if required. You may have seen them before in your research – the little dome type security cameras.

CCTV in Dublin

The advantage of this type of security equipment is that it is locked in position when installed – so there is no opportunity to tamper with it or change it’s position (the older style of mounted camera /can be pushed upward).

The other types of camera available for home cctv installation are the mounted type (where the camera is mounted on a little stalk or swivel), a housed type – which are quite large and very old-style (little used around a home for this reason) and a PTZ camera.

PTZ security cameras can Pan, Tilt and Zoom – it’s where they get the PTZ name!

It’s not often that a PTZ type will be used around a home as they are quite expensive. The advantage or the reason for using a PTZ camera would be that it can cover a large area because it is able to rotate and scan over a pre-programmed path. Essentially if it were installed on the corner of a building it could scan through 270 degrees of view.

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Fortknox Communications are based in Dublin city centre on Trinity street.
Please see a map below to find our office.
Before we can provide you with a quotation for your CCTV installation, we would conduct a free survey to assess the best locations for the cameras and to determine your exact needs for home security and your safety.



CCTV Installation Dublin

CCTV Installation Dublin

Are you considering CCTV Installation Dublin – then it will be worth having a chat with us at Fortknox Comunications. We’re the camera security guys that you can trust to keep you right. And you can count on us to provide you with excellent, reliable and friendly service – all at a price you’ll love.

CCTV Installation Dublin
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CCTV installation Dublin

What do you need to know about CCTV Installation Dublin?

Here are some helpful tips and ideas to consider…

If you’re considering a CCTV system to help you look after what matters most to you – whether that’s your home or your business – you want to be safe in the knowledge you’ve chosen a setup that best meets your needs.

We’ve created these guides to help you understand the differences between the various CCTV systems, cameras, recorders and setups, and work out which is best for you.

We thing that you’ll want to protect your home, loved ones and valuables with an outdoor CCTV system. Cameras capture footage whenever movement is detected, so if there is any unwanted activity around your home, you will have a recording as evidence ready to make full use of. Outdoor CCTV is a great way to improve your overall home security.

The benefits of outdoor CCTV Installation Dublin

CCTV is a great way of deterring criminals, and this is especially true of CCTV used outside homes. Only around 1 in 20 homes have a CCTV system of some kind, so many home owners make use of CCTV simply for its’ deterrent effect, while a home CCTV kit in comparison can only be used to protect a person’s family and property.

Outdoor CCTV can help identify suspicious behaviour, such as individuals trespassing on your land or inspecting your property, helping you to pre-empt criminal action. Home CCTV can additionally be used to identify where a family member or visitor is – to find or to identify when someone has arrived at a gate or front door.

Where to install outdoor CCTV cameras

Front and rear doors, windows

These are the most common access points into the home. An outdoor camera with a wide lens allows you to cover the full length of your exterior walls – capturing footage around windows and doors that are otherwise unprotected.

CCTV Installation Dublin – Call 01-2091984


Driveways are a security priority for two reasons: firstly, as a main approach to the home, and secondly as a parking spot for cars and vans. Cars on driveways are a common target for theft – even as a getaway car after a burglary, as it’s often quite easy to locate car keys after gaining access to the home.

A camera trained on a domestic driveway should use as wide-angle of a lens as necessary to get the entirety of the driveway in shot – however, this should be balanced with the need for detail.


If you spend considerable time and money on your garden, you’ll agree that it is a high value target. You might keep valuable garden tools in your shed, or else have a summer house or another exterior building that could be a target for thieves. Install garden CCTV to keep it safe.

CCTV Installation Dublin is not as expensive as it once was. Plus it’s a lot easier to use – both at home and when you are away – than it once was.
Your home video security system can be monitored or viewed on your phone, laptop or tablet – whether you’r at home on your sofa, or away on your holidays.

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Here are some things to avoid when getting CCTV installation Dublin

CCTV systems should be operated in a responsible way to respect the privacy of others. It is important to ensure that you are not accidentally filming anything outside your own property. If your cameras are picking up footage from outside your property, for example of your neighbour’s garden or a public footpath, this is considered an invasion of privacy.

Being transparent about your CCTV plans with your neighbours is advised. Inform them of where you plan to place your cameras and consider letting them see evidence of what your cameras are recording.

Talking to your neighbours isn’t just polite – some neighbours find they have mutual security concerns, and decide to split the cost of a CCTV setup that covers both of their properties.

And here are some ideas to consider…

Indoor CCTV

Most people will choose to have CCTV installed solely on the exterior of their homes. But some people install security cameras indoors too. Interior CCTV cameras make an effective addition to your home security system.

Benefits of indoor CCTV installation Dublin

There are several benefits to indoor CCTV installation Dublin. If burglars gain access to your home, indoor CCTV will catch them in the act, providing solid evidence to make your case. Indoor CCTV can also be helpful for families looking after elderly relatives, to keep an eye on them and ensure that they are being well cared for.

These can also act as a deterrent to opportunists who may be tempted by valuables. Cleaners, decorators, carers and other people working in your home will be less inclined to steal in the presence of indoor CCTV cameras – and if they do there’ll be plenty of footage to prove it.

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Home CCTV Dublin

Home CCTV Dublin – For Your Safety

Are you looking to install a new video security system  to protect  your home CCTV Dublin? Fortknox Communications are  your local expert for CCTV installation in Dublin.

For a Free Home security survey and a free written quotation – please contact our office at 01-2091984.
With ever increasing levels of crime, and burglary in particular, many of us are becoming more concerned about the safety and security of our homes.


Once upon a time, burglars would only strike when the house was empty.

Now however, they don’t seem to mind whether you are at home or not. Very often, a break in will happen while you are sleeping in your bed

Home CCTV DublinDublin CCTV Installations have a team of professional installers who offer CCTV installation to businesses and homes throughout Dublin & surrounding areas.


Why do you need Home CCTV Dublin?

All of the security systems we install can be monitored on all smart phones and tablets. This enables you to check on your security system from any location at any time.

Our team install greater than HD quality security cameras and recording devices as standard. We strive to be the best quality company in the CCTV installation industry

The team at Dublin CCTV Installations do not believe that our job is finished once the installation is complete. We are always available for any queries you may have

Each of the security systems installed by the Dublin CCTV Installations team can be monitored on all iPhones, Android Smart Phones, iPads, tablets, laptops & PC’s.

We’ll help you design your perfect home cctv Dublin.

We discuss your security needs and will design a CCTV system that is suitable for your home or business. Securing premises against intruders and protecting businesses from fraud. Experts in home security systems.

Prevention of crime is best and our Remote Perimeter Security and Protection Systems are designed to keep intruders away from your buildings and form your first line of defence.

Why Get Home CCTV Dublin?

Protecting against fraudulent claims, illegal dumping and anti-social behaviour. Our clients include local authorities, councils, Garda and Government Organisations.

Once you leave your premises we watch it for you. Our security monitoring station is manned by experienced team who will help prevent crime by stopping that break-in.

Contact us on 01-2091984 for Home cctv dublin

We can upgrade your existing CCTV Security systems or work with what you have to ensure it is kept in good working order so you have full protection 24 Hours a day

Fortknox Communications
6 Trinity Street.
Dublin 2
Ph. 01-2091984

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More info on Home CCTV Dublin

Put safety first with our wide range of CCTV & Security products. From surveillance cameras to home security systems, we’ve got the best solutions to ensure the safety of all the things you value most – whether at home, or for your business.

What kind of security camera system should I buy?
We know that with the huge range of CCTV Cameras available, picking the best one for you can seem daunting. However, we like to think that we have a solution for everybody.

The first thing to consider is where you will be using it. Will this be an addition to the outside of your home in order to deter intruders, or are you hoping to add extra security to the interior of your business? Do you want motion sensor cameras, or is it more important to you that you go wireless? There are a lot of questions when dealing with something as serious as security, but whether you’re ensuring the safety of your staff or the perimeter of your home, we can always help with selecting your camera. If you want to see what’s available, try our CCTV buying guide – the many options are there to ensure the perfect fit for you and your home/business.

Do I need a DVR?
If you’re installing multiple cameras, you’ll want to ensure you have a DVR (Digital Video Recorder). This will record and store the footage from your cameras in a secure way, and allow you to search and find any moment of footage you need. Home CCTV Dublin – talk to Barry at Fortknox.

The model of DVR you need will depend on the number of cameras you have, and the amount of recorded footage you need to store. If you’re buying one of our CCTV kits, you don’t need to worry – we’ve matched the ideal DVR to the rest of the system.

What about CCTV connectivity?
The magic of modern technology is its endless connectivity and adaptability – and with many of our CCTV products, you can connect your CCTV system to your apple or android phone, and receive alerts or view a live feed no matter where you are. It’s a relief to know that with our systems, you can ensure the safety of your home or business, even on the other side of the world. You can also link them with a smart TV, meaning you can comfortably monitor what’s going on at the press of a button. Having this degree of connectivity also allows additional options for backup, such as recording directly onto your device.

If you’re considering a Home CCTV Dublin system to help you look after what matters most to you – whether that’s your home or your business – you want to be safe in the knowledge you’ve chosen a setup that best meets your needs.

We’ve created these guides to help you understand the differences between the various CCTV systems, cameras, recorders and setups, and work out which is best for you.

Outdoor CCTV

Protect your home, loved ones and valuables with an outdoor CCTV kit. Cameras capture footage whenever movement is detected, so if there is any unwanted activity around your home, you will have a recording as evidence ready to make full use of. Outdoor CCTV is a great way to improve your overall home security.

The benefits of outdoor CCTV

CCTV is a great way of deterring criminals, and this is especially true of CCTV used outside homes. Only around 1 in 20 homes have a CCTV system of some kind, so many home owners make use of CCTV simply for its’ deterrent effect, while a home CCTV kit in comparison can only be used to protect a person’s family and property.

Outdoor CCTV can help identify suspicious behaviour, such as individuals trespassing on your land or inspecting your property, helping you to pre-empt criminal action. Home CCTV Dublin can additionally be used to identify where a family member or visitor is – to find or to identify when someone has arrived at a gate or front door.

CCTV system for warehouse in Blanchardstown

CCTV system for warehouse in Blanchardstown

Do you own a business? Have you been thinking about getting a CCTV system installed? We recently completed a CCTV system for warehouse in Blanchardstown, Dublin 15.

CCTV system for Business in BlanchardstownThe cameras used around a business premises needs to be suitable for the purpose that the client expects them to perform. CCTV system for Business in Blanchardstown

Business Security Systems

Businesses normally need more comprehensive CCTV cover than the typical home. They have more risks to monitor and protect against than the home owner.

That’s not to make little of the home owners security situation. Your business premises has many more potential threats, such as possible fraudulent insurance claims, theft of goods or vehicles, damage to vehicles on your property and many more. Burglary and theft are just some of the fears and concerns you may have.

Looking for CCTV system for Business in Blanchardstown or your premises in Dublin? Call Barry on 085-1945030 for a Free survey and consultation on your CCTV

Looking for CCTV system for Business in Blanchardstown or your premises in Dublin? to the home page

Call Barry on 085-1945030 for a Free CCTV and Security survey and consultation on your CCTV



Home CCTV system installed in Howth

Home CCTV system installed in Howth

Are you looking for a home CCTV system to add to your security? We recently installed a home CCTV system for a customer in Howth, in North Dublin.

home cctv system installation DublinThey wanted to improve the security of their home and a number of neighbours homes had been burgled recently. they already had a very good intruder alarm fitted and they felt that having CCTV fitted would be an additional deterrent against a break-in.

CCTV for home security

When someone asks us about getting CCTV installed, the first question that we ask is do you have an alarm fitted? If the answer is no, we will always advise that you should have an alarm fitted first. CCTV will help in putting thieves off, but an alarm is an audible defense in the event that there is an attempt to break in to your home.

An intruder or burglar alarm is always going to be the first line of defense. Next to that, I would prefer that you have anti-snap lock cylinders fitted. this will make it more difficult for someone to break in to your home.

I would always pefer that our customers have taken care of these two important measures first – before they spend any money on a home CCTV system.

What is a home CCTV system

A home CCTV system consists of the cameras, the video recorder and a method of viewing the recordings.

In the past, it was necessary to have a monitor fitted – so that you could view the recorded images. Today, everything is digital. Your home likely has wireless internet access. this makes it possible to view the recorded video images from the cctv system on a tablet, smart phone or computer – not just while at home, but from anywhere.

Ideally, your CCTV system should be set up to alert you when it picks up movement around your home while you are away. this could be done by sending you a multi media text message. Maybe by sending you a short video clip in an email attachment. This alerts you that there is someone at your home and gives you the opportunity to log into the system remotely and check if it is a valid visitor or an unwanted intruder.

Want more information – please fill out the form below or…

For more on ahome CCTV system – Contact Barry on 085-1945030

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CCTV system repairs in Santry

CCTV System Repairs and Maintenance

CCTV system repairs in Dublin. CCTV Systems get damaged, knocked and broken – so you need a partner who can respond quickly and efficiently to repair your system.

Fortknox Communications Provide Reliable CCTV System Repairs and Maintenance throughout Ireland, Ensuring Peace of Mind and a Dependable Repair Call Out Service Should Anything go Wrong – call 085-1945030 to find out more about CCTV  system repairs in Dublin

CCTV Maintenance Benefits – Here is a good guideline…

One routine site visit every six months for the purpose of inspecting and testing the CCTV system. (Please see below work carried out on a site visit)
24 Hour call out with site visit.
Access to 24 hour emergency number.
Equipment out of warranty would be replaced at less than the original invoiced price. (This would apply in cases where the item of equipment is beyond repair.)
A 20% reduction in the cost of any call out.

CCTV Maintenance Call Out

The recording equipment to be checked for performance in relation to storing video images, play back etc. CCTV  system repairs in Dublin
All camera connections to be checked, varifocal lenses to be adjusted if necessary, housings to be cleaned and realigned if necessary
Monitors to be checked for performance in relation to colour, contrast and connections to the digital video recorder.CCTV system repairs Service Dublin
Power leads, power supplies and electrical equipment relating to the CCTV system to be examined for defect.
Any concerns relayed by the customer to the service engineer to be addressed during the site visit.
A report would be made available to you – our customer – on the status of the CCTV system

Care and repair of your CCTV system

There is a limit to what you can do to care and maintain your own CCTV system repairs. The cameras are sealed units. If they develop a problem with the image sensor, there is no way of repairing the camera itself.

Having said that, it’s a very rare occasion that a camera will develop a fault within the first few years.

Problems with CCTV systems tend to be related to the power supplies. You will need professional help with CCTV system repairs in Dublin that relate to the repair or replacement of your power supplies.


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Security Cameras for home in Swords, Dublin

How to choose security cameras

With so much information available, it’s hard to know which security cameras to choose for your cctv installation.

Luckily, you can call on expert help to decide on the most suitable CCTV equipment for your installation. Call Barry on 085-1945030 for a free survey and consultation.

Not all security cameras are created equally. Quality will vary dramatically. Certain types of CCTV camera are better suited to some applications than others.

We recently completed a CCTV installation for a customer in Swords, County Dublin. they told us that they had been looking at various cctv systems and cameras available and were not sure of which was the best and most reliable option. With that in mind, I wrote this post for you.

Heres a few things to consider when installing a CCTV system camera

  • Are the cameras to be installed inside or outdoors
  • Will the cameras be subject to directed lights – such as headlights
  • Will you want to be able to recognise faces
  • Will you need to be able to identify number plate registrations
  • Will the cameras be situated where they will be in reach from the ground

This is just a short list – really only the tip of the iceberg of things to consider when you are deciding on which security cameras are best suited to your needs

The best security cameras for home installations

Many of our competitors are still using bullet type cameras for their customers home security systems. But many of these cameras are mounted at a height where they can be easily reached and tampered with from the ground.

We’ve seen installations where burglars just turned the cameras upwards – so that they could continue their ‘work’ unhindered.

In our opinion it is better to use tamper proof dome CCTV cameras for these installations. This type of camera has the facility to lock it into position so that it’s not possible to turn or move the camera position without using a special tool to adjust home security cameras for cctv installation dublin

A lockable base means that a burglar can’t simply reach it and move the camera away.

As you can see from the picture, the camera is dome shaped, making it very difficult to grab hold of.


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CCTV Installation in Castleknock

CCTV Installation in Castleknock

Need CCTV Installation for your home or business? You want high quality video security systems at the best possible prices?

Looking for CCTV Dublin? Call Barry 085-1945030

Are you worried about your home or business security? With the dar evenings returning, we all have security on our minds…

Fortknox Communications
6 Trinity Street
Dublin 2
Ph. 01-2091984

Are you looking to install for CCTV Dublin for your home or business? You’ve come to the right place!

We’re FortKnox Comms and we’ve specialised in CCTV installation of high-quality CCTV systems for home and business in Dublin and the surrounding areas.

Do you want the best possible cctv system for your home or business premises, and you want great value for your money.

The problem is – everyone tells you that they have the best systems and many will claim the lowest prices… But you’re the technical details are a little complicated and maybe even a little bit confusing?

CCTV Installation Dublin

We know how you feel.

So, we’re created our website to help you make the best decision on your home  CCTV System installation decision.

You can find all the help and advice here for free.

Fortknox Communications
6 Trinity Street
Dublin 2
Ph. 01-2091984

CCTV installers in Castleknock

Are you worried about your home security? With the dark evenings, home burglaries are on the increase. Burglars are more brazen about breaking into a home with an alarm – because no-one will approach a house when the alarm rings. Even if you have a monitored alarm – there’s no guarantee that you’ll get a police response. Garda resources are already stretched. Home alarm systems ringing is not on their priority list. Your alarm could go off for hours without anyone passing remarks.

A CCTV system is an added security deterrent against intruders and burglary. We’re not suggesting that you should have CCTV Dublin installed in place of an intruder alarm, but that a video surveillance system should be an additional line of defence. Get CCTV Installation that you can rely on.

The presence of security cameras on the outside of your home will provide you with a visual deterrent to burglars and intruders. They don’t walk up to random homes and decide to break in. As much as we all would like to believe that a burglar is stupid and lazy – they probably have your home selected in advance. They’ll probably have your routines (when you leave and when you return) worked out by watching you for a few days before they’ll approach your home.

Even when they approach the home for the first time – they’ll often come to the front door first – to pretend to look for an address or have a made-up reason for their approaching your front door as a cover story. The burglar will often ring the doorbell – to check if there’s anyone in the house before they’ll attempt to gain entry.

For this reason – it’s a good idea to have a camera close tot he front door – to record everyone who approached the door.

It would be an excellent idea – that every time someone approaches the front door – that your CCTV installation system automatically records every second of their presence. An even better idea that your camera system will send you a short snap shot of that video – automatically to your phone or email. It would send you a few pictures of the person who is at your front door – even while you’re at home, or away doing the school run or while you’re at work….

Fortknox Communications
6 Trinity Street
Dublin 2
Ph. 01-2091984

CCTV Installation in Castleknock Dublin

Would you prefer to know about a stranger calling to your door while you’re out? God forbid, but if there was a break-in or even an attempted break-in, wouldn’t it be great if you had the images of the culprits and to be able to pass them to the police?

CCTV installer DublinJust having a CCTV Dublin system installed makes you much less likely to be a victim of a burglary. Many of your neighbours won’t have a camera system installed – some don’t even have a working intruder alarm system. The home that has a video surveillance system installed is a much more difficult target for the burglars. It makes them feel that there is a high risk of getting caught in the act and they’ll probably choose an easier target.

Get CCTV installation for your business or home that you can rely on to provide you with high quality recorded mages when you need them.

Licienced CCTV Dublin Installer

We’re Fortknox Communications. We’re licenced in Ireland for the installation of CCTV systems in Ireland. Our Licence number is 7611 and we’re licenced by the Private Security Authority.

How does a home CCTV system work?

There are two main components of a home video surveillance system. One part is the camera (or cameras) – which collect the images. These are basically the eyes of the system.The other part is the recorder. This records all the images that the camera sees – to allow it to be viewed at a later date.

Cameras come in various shapes and sizes. More importantly, though, cameras come in many different qualities. the better the quality of the camera, the sharper the image it will record. It goes without saying, but the better the quality of cctv camera, the more expensive it will be.

You should be aware that someone could demonstrate a camera to you in daylight, and you would be forgiven for believing that it’s a really good quality camera. however – the real test of the quality of a cctv camera comes when darkness falls. Most burglaries occur under the cover of darkness – in the evening or at night. with that in mind, it’s critical that the camera that you choose, should be able to provide you with a really sharp, clear image when there are low light conditions.

Many good quality cameras have infra-red lighting built in. But, there is a huge variation in the quality and intensity of this infra red lighting – and in the quality of the low light image sensors in many cameras. Infra-red light is not visible to the human eye, but it is picked up on special sensors in most security cameras.

You should also know that at night time, cameras automatically switch over from colour, to black and white imaging. Colour camera sensors are not able to pick up the infrared light from the camera. A black and white sensor is, and it sees the image in the form of the infrared light that is reflected back of an object – such as a face…

Where the cctv recorder is concerned – most systems are digital. They record the images as digital data wither on a hard drive (like a computer) or on solid state memory (similar to a USB memory key – but much larger). Solid state memory is more expensive, but it has many advantages over a hard drive. One of those advantages is reliability. It’s also silent. There is almost no noise from a hard drive, but at times there is a low level whirr – as the drive spins – similar to what you’ll hear from a pc. It’s barely noticeable, but it’s there. Another advantage is that there is vo heat generated by a solid state drive as there are no moving parts.

The cctv recorder is often known as a digital video recorder or DVR for short. the more cameras that you have attached to it, the more memory you will need to have.

You will probably want to have a minimum of 4 weeks worth of footage recorded at all times. But if you are installing a CCTV system for your business – you may want to consider having a minimum of three months worth of video footage recorded and available for playback.

It’s important that you get a security system that meets your needs and your expectations. Talk to us for a free no-obligation quotation for your CCTV installation.

For a free survey and consultation – please get in contact with Barry.

Fortknox Communications
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CCTV in Blanchardstown

CCTV in Blanchardstown, Dublin 15

We recently installed CCTV in Blanchardstown for a client with a daycare nursery.

CCTV for Business in BlanchardstownThe business has been operating for over 20 years and they have recently had some renovation work completed on the building. They decided that their old system, which has several faulty cameras, needed to be updated – and they called us – Fortknox Communications to look after it for them.

Fortknox Communications
6 Trinity Street
Dublin 2
Ph. 01-2091984

Camera security system installed in Blanchardstown

The existing system had been in place for over ten years and consisted of 4 analogue cameras in the old fashioned box-type housings. Although these cameras are a visible deterrent – and they are highly visible – two of the cameras had not worked in several years and the glass on the housings was almost green – as they hadn’t been properly cleaned in several years.

CCTV camera installation in BlanchardstownThe video recorder was recording on a hard drive, but the recorder was quite noisy and it generated quite a lot of heat. The old systems like this one are very energy inefficient. Also the owner had lost the instruction manual for the recorder some time ago, and she was unsure about hot to operate the system if she ever needed to retrieve video images.

After a thorough and detailed consultation, the business owner decided that we should renew the whole system.

Fortknox Communications
6 Trinity Street
Dublin 2
Ph. 01-2091984

We installed a new CCTV system for a business in Blanchardstown

Your business is important to us. We highly value each and every one of our customers. We take great pride in every job we do.

Here’s the thing.

Many of our competitors just want to sell the CCTV system that suits them. Often it’s the equipment that makes them the greatest profit – and not necessarily the best system for the customer.

Most people don’t know the difference between an average quality CCTV system and a really good quality system. And most CCTV companies prefer it that way.

We would rather help our customers and clients understand the differences – so that they have enough information to make the right choice for themselves and their needs. If that means that we are not the best choice to meet their needs, then so be it.

We would rather you get the best possible CCTV system – than sell you a system that will not meet your expectations.

If you’re looking for CCTV in Blanchardstown or any part of Dublin – please – give us a call and at least you’ll be better informed about the systems that you’re being sold.

Call Barry on 085-1945030 for a Free survey and consultation for your Cctv needs


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